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October 31 2017


Episode 3: Working with a perfectionist

I did a great job. I was proud of myself. I did it for the first time.

He looked at my work. Said nothing, but took a deep breath.

I felt terribly incompetent.

Episode 2: Working with a perfectionist

I did a great job. I was proud of myself.

He looked at my work and sent me a ridiculous long list of things he would like to change.(**)

I felt terribly incompetent.

(**) not really important things that do not really make a difference

Episode 1: Working with a perfectionist

I did a great job. I was proud of myself.

He looked at my work. Said nothing. But changed it later ... behind my back.

I felt terribly useless.

October 30 2017

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he is so weird and i love him

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October 29 2017

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Elfenkauz - Elf Owl
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October 25 2017

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hmmm... could be worth the risk of dissociation.. and as dissociations go, it's one of the cool ones...
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Laura Baudis: Most of xenon and all of the radioactive radon is made in merging neutron stars.
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Thank you, Jared Mauldin for understanding what a lot of people cant see. But i do think that you earned your success nevertheless.
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September 20 2017

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September 06 2017

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