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August 26 2016


nano spezial vom 18. Mai 2016:... - nano - ZDFmediathek - ZDF Mediathek

Freitag ist Papatag \ Projekt Teilzeitmann \ Hormone beeinflussen Vaterrolle \ Väter unter Druck \ Väter fördern und fordern

August 25 2016


Sachsens Zukunft ist männlich

Ich sehe mir die zehn nominierten Projekte an, welche Sachsens Zukunft laut futureSax bedeuten. Die Gruppen dahinter sind gemischt. Die Sprecher in den Videos nicht. Mich stört es, dass in allen 10 Videos nur Männer sprechen, weil ich als Frau auch gerne Teil sein möchte. Sicherlich machen die Männer eine gute Arbeit um Sachsens PR zu verbessern. Aber haben die stummen Frauen, die im Hintergrund der Beiträge immer mal wieder zu sehen sind... habt ihr Mädels nix zu sagen? Sind wir denn nicht Teil der Zukunft?

I guess future saxs...
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"Kuffar sind jene „die nicht beten“ "

Kuffar ist sowas wie ein Untermensch, wird immer falsch mit "Unglaeubiger" uebersetzt (was der Bedeutung nicht gerecht wird).

Von wem stammt das Zitat?
Von Navid Kermani, gehandelt als Praesidentschaftskandidat in .de als Nachfolger Gaucks.
Deutschsprachige Wikipedia:
„Kermani wuchs in der vom Protestantismus geprägten Stadt Siegen auf" (wtf?)
Deutschsprachige Wikipdeia nicht mehr:
Navid Kermani, Islamwissenschaftler (rauseditiert), Moslem (rauseditiert), Dissertation „God is Beautiful: The Aesthetic Experience of the Quran“ (rauseditiert, dort steht als Titel nur: "Gott ist schoen")

Er ist parteilos und die Zeit schreibt:
„Angesichts der Mehrheiten laeuft alles auf einen Praesidenten ohne Parteibuch hinaus.“
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I hate coffee-shop AUs, in case that isn’t clear. It perpetuates this idea that the person behind the counter is your ONE if only you’re persistent and sweet and generous and bashful enough to keep forcing them to endure your presence in their place of employment.

Look, it sounds fucking shitty to say it but most customer service jobs can be accomplished by machines. Automated phone trees can take the place of receptionists, you can get a latte as good as anything you’d get from a Starbucks out of a machine, cashiers can be replaced by self-checkout. Even bartenders can be replaced by some tubes and buttons if you have enough money to burn. The reason customer service still exists is because it is emotional labor that the customer is paying for. An automated phone tree can’t reassure you that it’ll pass your message along just as soon as possible and that we’ll make sure the tech gets back to you. An automated espresso machine won’t smile at you and ask if you’re having a good day. A self-checkout doesn’t make small talk about how great that ice-cream is or how nice the day is outside. A drink machine may be able to listen to your problems but it won’t say “I feel you,” and tell a funny story to make you feel better. We live in the fucking future, almost everything you could want can be accomplished with an machine an a cellphone. If you’re interacting with a human it’s because you want to interact with a human and you want that human to be nice to you. You are paying for their kindness, for their smiles when their feet hurt and their questions about your day when they haven’t had lunch yet.

Flirting with customer service workers at work, asking them out when they’re on the clock and paid to make you happy, telling them you think they’re attractive and expecting a gushing response - that’s breaking the rules. That’s a lose-lose situation that you’ve set them up for. If they continue to do their job and be nice to you they’re “leading you on” and if they react negatively and ask you to leave or to not speak to them that way it’s “bad customer service.”

A good rule of thumb if you’re thinking about asking someone out or flirting with them is to ask yourself this question: “if do this thing and it makes them uncomfortable can they leave this place without it impacting their livelihood?”

If the answer is “no” and you do it anyway you’re a jackass. That person is trapped. You have cornered them. You have put your desire to flirt with them over their ability to earn a living.

“Oh good, I’ll do it now, when they can’t get away” is not an effective dating strategy. It’s abusive, it’s creepy, and nobody is well-paid enough to put up with unwanted sexual or romantic advances while they’re trying to do their job.

Don’t pull this shit.

Dear Fellow Guys....stop hitting on women at work....
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The Secret History of China's Female Emperor

August 23 2016

Sojamilch von Provamel, veganer Joghurt von Alpro: Der französische Lebensmittelriese Danone kauft den Konkurrenten Whitewave Foods.
Danone kauft Sojamilch-Hersteller für 11,3 Milliarden Euro - SPIEGEL ONLINE
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August 22 2016


August 16 2016

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July 25 2016

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Growth is simply learning how to suffer gracefully, elegantly and not letting your pain completely tear you apart.
— Nikita Gill, Truth about Growth
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