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August 30 2019

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August 29 2019

Today I accepted my new role in this world. After three years working fulltime, I finally feel like it is okay to be an adult.

August 27 2019

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August 19 2019

I refuse to jump on the knowledge train. This is the currency of many superficial conversations. Can the other person tell me something I don’t know? Is the person even a match? Or can I dominate the situation? ... I refuse to incorporate this pattern into my life.

August 17 2019

I don’t know what to do with myself. I watch YouTube until I fall asleep. I play games on desktop when at home and games on the phone while switching places. I program for money in between. In some moments I look away from the screen and wonder about this strange feeling that my body experience when moving through space and time. But in the next moment I dive back into the digital world.

August 13 2019

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Something is missing. Would more freetime help? Should i take more time for me alone with soup? Do I need more exersice? Or a general meaning of life? A purpose?

August 11 2019

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June 15 2019

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Die katholische Bildungskongregation verurteilt in einem offiziellen Dokument, dass Menschen ihr Geschlecht wählen oder wechseln können – und fordert für Betroffene "therapeutische Interventionen".

jo und ich erklär der kinderfickersekte einmal mehr den krieg und verlang für die täter jahrelangen knast und "therapeutische Interventionen" für alle religioten. 



May 28 2019

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Windenergie ist hocheffizient und preiswert. Sie wird leider immer wieder schlecht geredet. Zu unrecht. Zum Beispiel als Vogelkiller. Die Faktenlage ist eine ganz andere.

[quelle diagramm]

August 06 2018

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